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HIGH GLOSS LIGHTWEIGHT INDOOR ONLY POTS example of indoor lacquered fibreglass pots
Lightweight fibreglass pots with high gloss lacquer for Indoor use only. Highly attractive with a range of bold colours and practical as well as decorative shapes.
Partial Fibreglass Planters

Colour Availability:
Pearl White, Gloss Black, Deep Orange, Avocado Green, Twinkling Red (Maroon), Plum Purple

Topez Indoor Outdoor pots fibreclay U Shape planters
U Shape Planters
D x H:
550 x 550 mm
460 x 460 mm
370 x 370 mm
310 x 310 mm
260 x 260 mm

Topez Indoor Outdoor pots cube planters wholesale
Cube Planters
D x H:
550 x 550 mm
450 x 450 mm
380 x 380 mm
280 x 280 mm
200 x 200 mm
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