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GLAZED example of Glazed finish

Hand crafted jars and planters, built thicker than most and baked at extreme temperature for extra strength and durability.

Bold glazed colours suitable as decorative garden features or attractive planters.

Comes in various colours such as:
Blue Cloud -- Sand (Cream) -- Copper Red -- Black -- Gold (Bronze) (variation of Heavy Metal/ Gun Metal) -- Sapphire -- Boiled Sugar
Colour availability varies
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Glazed tree planter pots melbourne wholesale Topez

Tree Planter (colour shown Copper Red)
  • 370(w) x 350(h) mm
  • 530(w) x 480(h) mm
  • 770(w) x 670(h) mm

  • Glazed french planter pots melbourne wholesale Topez

    French Planter
    (Colour shown Sand)
  • 450(w) x 500(h) mm
  • 600(w) x 640(h) mm
  • 670(w) x 750(h) mm

  • Glazed palace pot melbourne wholesale Topez

    Palace Pot
    830(d) x 1000(h) mm

    Glazed crucible planter pots melbourne home decor and garden wholesale

    Crucible Planter
    (Colour shown Black)
  • 270(w) x 420(h) mm
  • 360(w) x 490(h) mm
  • 440(w) x 570(h) mm
  • 530(w) x 640(h) mm

  • Glazed pumpkin planter pots melbourne wholesale Topez

    Pumpkin Planter
  • 450(w) x 500(h) mm
  • 720(w) x 620(h) mm

  • Glazed pots called large open mouth urn melbourne wholesale Topez

    Open Mouth Urn
    (Colour shown Gold/Bronze)
    600(d) x 850(h) mm

    Glazed adobe jar melbourne wholesale Topez

    Adobe Jar
    (Colour shown Sapphire)
    640(w) x 860(h) mm

    Glazed milan planter pots melbourne wholesale Topez

    Milan Planter
  • 240(w) x 370(h) mm
  • 330(w) x 470(h) mm
  • 430(w) x 620(h) mm

  • Glazed tall milan planter melbourne wholesale Topez

    Tall Milan Planter
    410(d) x 860(h) mm

    Glazed classical planter melbourne wholesale Topez

    Classical Planter
  • 290(w) x 490(h) mm
  • 430(w) x 690(h) mm

  • Glazed siam jar pots melbourne wholesale Topez

    Siam Jar
    620(w) x 800(h) mm

    Glazed pot and planter sets melbourne wholesale Topez

    Honeycomb Planters (Set of 5)
    TBA mm

    Glazed pots and planters - tall temple jar in sapphire from melbourne wholesaler Topez

    Tall Temple Jar
  • 560(w) x 1160(h) mm

  • Glazed rocket pots melbourne wholesale Topez

    Rocket Pots
  • 320(w) x 630(h) mm
  • 350(w) x 750(h) mm
  • 430(w) x 950(h) mm

  • Glazed noodle jar melbourne wholesale Topez

    Noodle Jar
  • 350(d) x 410(h) mm
  • 540(d) x 650(h) mm
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