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OLD STONE example of Old Stone finish
Solid pots & urns with old stone look, ready to enhance any garden or bring out the country charm.
Old Stone roll top planter set of 4

Roll Top Planter
1: 330(w) x 250(h) mm
2: 430(w) x 300(h) mm
3: 580(w) x 410(h) mm
4: 700(w) x 500(h) mm
Old Stone u shape planter set of 4

U Shape Planter
1: 270(w) x 360(h) mm
2: 350(w) x 480(h) mm
3: 450(w) x 570(h) mm
4: 550(w) x 650(h) mm
Old Stone monster crucible set of 3

Monster Crucible
1: 420(w) x 650(h) mm
2: 520(w) x 820(h) mm
3: 650(w) x 950(h) mm
Old Stone mod pond planter set of 3

Mod Pond Planter
1: 430(w) x 360(h) mm
2: 700(w) x 520(h) mm
3: 900(w) x 640(h) mm
Old Stone sala pond set of 3

Sala Pond
1: 500(w) x 260(h) mm
2: 740(w) x 350(h) mm
3: 1000(w) x 450(h) mm
Old Stone sala pond XL

Sala Pond - XL
1130(w) x 520(h) mm
Old Stone milan planter set of 3

Milan Planter
1: 260(w) x 390(h) mm
2: 360(w) x 510(h) mm
3: 480(w) x 610(h) mm
Old Stone slab planter set of 2

Slab Planter
1: 310(w) x 590(h) mm
2: 420(w) x 680(h) mm
Old Stone Cube Planter

Cube Planter
1: 210(w) x 220(h) mm
2: 300(w) x 280(h) mm
3: 400(w) x 370(h) mm
Old Stone sauce jar set of 3

Sauce Jar
1: 430(w) x 380(h) mm
2: 580(w) x 500(h) mm
3: 720(w) x 600(h) mm
Old stone pot honey spoon jar large

Honey Spoon Jar
670(w) x 780(h) mm
Old stone pot two handled jar

Two Handled Jar with Rings
700(w) x 830(h) mm
Old stone pot ibis jar

Ibis Jar
700(w) x 800(h) mm
Old stone garden ornament elephant

500(w) x 760(h) mm
Old stone pot feature ball set of 3

Feature Balls
1: 200(w) mm
2: 300(w) mm
3: 400(w) mm
Old stone ball water feature set

Ball Water Feature (Set)
1: 300(w) x 750(h) mm
2: 400(w) x 900(h) mm
Old stone aged bird bath

Aged Bird Bath
550(w) x 620(h) mm
Old stone feature smiling budha

300(w) x 510(h) mm
Old stone garden feature fish light cover

Fish Light Cover
150(w) x 300(l) x 250(h) mm
Old stone feature owl light cover

Owl Light Cover
550(w) x 620(h) mm
Old stone feature mother and child

Mother and Child
300(w) x 440(h) mm
Old stone garden feature horse trough with tap

Horse Trough with Tap
610(w) x 940(h) mm
Old stone feature asian lamp

Asian Lamp
500(w) x 1160(h) mm
Old stone feature chalice urn

Chalice Urn
470(w) x 510(h) mm
Old stone pot african water jug

African Water Jug
300(w) x 360(h) mm
Old stone tall herb planter

Tall Herb Planter
600(w) x 910(h) mm
Topez Old Stone Round Bonsai with Feet
Round Bonsai with Feet
D x H:
700 x 220 mm

Ocean Rock lucky elephant
Lucky Elephant
W x H:
500 x 760 mm

Topez Pots Pair of Chinese War Dogs
Pair of Chinese War Dogs
L x W x H:
560 x 360 x 600 mm

Topez Old Stone Happy Budha
Happy Budha
D x H:
700 x 220 mm

Old stone trough
Plain Trough
L x W x H:
S1: 700 x 200 x 200 mm
S2: 800 x 300 x 300 mm
S3: 900 x 380 x 380 mm

Topez Old Stone Delux Planters
Delux Planters
D x H:
S1: 400 x 250 mm
S2: 500 x 270 mm
S3: 640 x 340mm
S4: 790 x 380mm

Topez Old Stone Pot Feet
Pot Feet
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